This track includes topics related to test automation architecture, continuous integration, agile automation, and what other tasks you need to perform after you have designed your framework and scripted your test cases.

How Achieves Quality at Speed

To plan for any given day, millions of people use The team behind the weather portal knows this and ensures their website delivers accurate local weather forecasts with the best possible user experience. Todd Eaton from IBM will reveal how the team built an efficient testing and deployment solution to deliver accuracy and quality, […]

Open Source Testing

Open source has all but taken over the test automation space. Overall this has been a boon to our industry. No longer do we need to depend on ultra-expensive and frankly limited tooling that locks you in to something that may or may not age well. Now we have a plethora of different options and […]

Extra! Extra! Automation Declared Software!

Breaking news! Automation development is software development. Yeah, it’s true. Even if we are using a drag-and-drop or record-and-playback interface to create that automation, somewhere, in the stack, under the hood or behind the curtain, there is code sequenced by our actions. We must start treating our automation initiatives as software development initiatives, lest we […]

The Automation Maturity Heuristic

Is your framework designed for writing automated tests, or for automated testing? We call them automation frameworks but typically they are single purpose software full of assumptions around that purpose, tightly coupled to executing complete end to end test cases. Inspired by the Richardson Maturity Model for REST Api’s, I will share a heuristic model […]

How to Rebuild Trust in Your Test Automation

“Trust Takes Years To Build, Seconds To Break And Forever To Repair.” Product delivery teams these days often rely on feedback from automated tests to determine the quality of the product they are working on. Running automated tests every night or after every commit, depending on the type of test and the adopted development process, […]