Understanding the business side of testing is as important as amplifying our approaches and techniques. In this track you will learn how to effectively lead diverse test teams, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for testing.

How Achieves Quality at Speed

To plan for any given day, millions of people use The team behind the weather portal knows this and ensures their website delivers accurate local weather forecasts with the best possible user experience. Todd Eaton from IBM will reveal how the team built an efficient testing and deployment solution to deliver accuracy and quality, […]

Being More Agile Without Doing Agile

The most common request I get as a consultant these days is to help testers and teams transition to an Agile development process or to help testers be more effective in “agile-ish” environments. Interestingly, the core answer to these questions starts with “forget the process for a moment and focus on yourself and what you’re […]

Are You the Best Leader You Can Be?

We are all leaders. At minimum we must lead ourselves every single day. In addition, many of us have teams that we lead and serve. Have you ever stopped to analyze yourself to determine if you are the BEST leader you can be? Many of the great leaders outside the testing arena that Amy Jo […]

Discussions Testers Should No Longer Be Having

How many times have you heard statements like, “How did we miss this in test”, “This defect doesn’t happen on my machine”, “We do not need automation”, or “We are waiting on testing to give us the green light”? Many years ago, Stephen Covey made the statement “Nothing Fails Like Success”. He spoke on how […]

Workshop: Leading the Next Generation of Software Testing

It has been said “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. The world has experienced many changes over the last few decades, and organizations must respond to this constant change at much greater speed than ever before. Many companies are eliminating the role of the test manager in agile teams and creating flat organizations which combine […]

Workshop: Managing Performance Teams Workshop

As we integrate performance testing and engineering practices into roles across the development lifecycle, there still comes a time when our stakeholders will want a single answer about performance risk and release quality. And in this new landscape as a quality leader, development manager, VP of infrastructure, you will need to know the fundamentals of […]

Workshop: Testing Leadership IQ

Have you ever needed a way to measure your testing leadership IQ? Or been in a performance review where the majority of time was spent discussing your need to improve as a leader? If you have ever wondered what your core leadership competencies are and how to build on and improve them, Jennifer Bonine shares […]

Keynote: Break the Mold! Disruption for Good …

Have you ever been part of a great team at work? A team where you loved to come to work every morning, a team that fed your energy, and a team that encouraged you to accomplish goals and projects that you thought were impossible. Have you ever been on a team from hell? A team […]