Keynote: Should You Measure Twice?

The things I’ve learned about test automation while wearing dungarees …

Wood scaffolding and test doubles. Saw dust and scenarios. A jig and acceptance tests. What do these have in common?

Learn how to cut costs in automation without cutting corners. Discover when and how to use back-of-the-napkin planning for test automation. Avoid another “trip to the hardware store” or re-write of your test automation framework.

Whether it’s carpentry or felling trees, Paul Merrill is constantly looking for what our experiences outside of tech can teach us about our profession. When he’s not planning test automation initiatives, he enjoys outdoor projects, many times with his Dad. What can his learnings from those projects teach you?

Join Paul to learn if thinking in terms of the physical world may be holding back your potential to manage the digital one. Return to your office on Monday with a new tool belt, crafted for automation success – regardless of whether you’re writing code, managing testers, or allocating your budget!

Automation Keynote
Location: Salon C/D Date: April 1, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Paul Merrill STPCon Paul Merrill