Sponsor Session: Find Issues With Your Application Performance Before Your Clients and Customers Do

Testing your application in a perfect lab environment won’t tell you the whole story. What if the network is patchy? What if your users are on a mobile phone and service performance goes up and down? What if 10,000 people try to get online at the same time?

The cost of poor application performance is high. Gartner estimates the average cost of IT downtime to be $5,600 per minute. At that price, you can’t afford to guess.

Any application that runs over a network – whether it’s Wi-Fi, Cellular, SD-WAN, or satellite – must be tested against the rigors of real-world network conditions to ensure your users are getting the highest quality experience.

Come and join us to learn how network emulation can recreate complex network environments so you can proactively optimize application performance against the imperfections of live networks to more accurately predict fail points and avoid the causes of outages.

Performance Sponsor Demo
Location: Coronado 7 Date: April 2, 2020 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Cade Nelson - System Engineer, APPOSITE Cade Nelson