Workshop: Fun Scripting for Load

Listen to “Transport Level Data Correlation and So Much More with Leandro Melendez”

Load testing automation can be complicated. Many foreigners and beginners can be baffled by the challenges that load test automation presents. Others may not even be aware of such challenges.

And last, many veterans may not know interesting or fun ways (or very abstract) on how to describe to their management, coworkers or family, the reasons for the process taking time, being tedious or fragile to changes.

On this workshop the attendees will play, simulate some adventures, act as spies, be dog whisperers, shoot (literally) server requests to a living web/application server, and many other dynamics that will help them understand and communicate the inner details and steps required to create bullet proof automations.

An awesome learning experience for the ones who don’t know the art of scripting load tests, for the ones learning and for the experts looking for ways to explain to their superiors, what is the deal with the process.

The attendees will:

  • Clearly understand the scripting correlation process,
  • Identify the differences and challenges between the protocol and UI automations,
  • Understand the phases of a traditional load test effort,
  • Have lots of fun!

Performance Workshop
Location: Coronado 7 Date: March 31, 2020 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Leandro Melendez Senor Performo STPCon Leandro Melendez – Señor Performo