Workshop: Introduction to UI End-to-End Testing with

Hey you! Want to learn Nodejs (Javascript) and GUI automation?

Imagine that your QE team is planning to implement an automation strategy for end-to-end (E2E) tests. Automating the browser can be fun and rewarding – while enjoying the benefits of automated smoke/regression tests. Now, imagine your existing automation framework is failing you. Your QE team is spending too much time patching those flaky tests due to element dependencies (e.g. AJAX). “Time suck” is a huge part of your automation process because you now realize that automating the UI “like a user would use it” actually means “automating it with the required knowledge of the front-end developer and user”.

Now, you’re deciding … Selenium WebDriver? Now, before making a decision, consider Cypress ( After 5 years, this open source project, continues to gain traction as either an alternative (or complement) to existing QE automation strategies. More interestingly, it’s become a great medium between front-end UI developers and QE.

This workshop takes you, step-by-step to learn how to successfully leverage Cypress for component/end-to-end test automation (GUI).

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Selenium WebDriver vs. Cypress (Trade-offs).
  • Advantages of using Cypress.
  • Intro to Nodejs (Javascript) and async. Programming.
  • Installing Cypress.
  • Writing automated Cypress tests with a real application.
  • Generating test reports.

Automation Workshop
Location: Coronado 2/3 Date: March 30, 2020 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Peter Kim