Workshop: The ARE (AI, Risk Based, Exploratory) Approach to Software Testing

About 5 years ago everyone was talking about “Mobile First” and giving the user a mobile experience using mobile web, native and hybrid applications. Now, the new buzzword is AI. There are AI based applications everywhere and it has only made the job of testing them more complex. There are numerous software testing approaches to test these systems but 3 of them are going to be more relevant than others in the future. This is the ARE approach to testing i.e AI based, risk based and exploratory testing. In this workshop, we are going to discuss & practice these approaches.

First, we will try to demystify AI by covering the basics of AI, what does Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks really mean? How to train and test AI models and make it learn from real user flows? Then, we discuss what are the current challenges with test automation and how AI can help to solve these challenges using Dynamic Locators. After a deep dive into AI, we will take a live application and learn how to do risk based testing. We will prioritize modules for testing based on risks. Finally, we learn how to do structured exploratory testing using a live application and understand how it fits into our daily testing journey. All the above topics will have group exercises, live demos and collaborative learning. Attending this workshop will get anyone familiar with ARE approach to software testing.

Note: Attendees will need a laptop with a word processor like MSWork/Open Office installed and a mobile phone/tablet.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Learn how AI is influencing software testing.
  • Learn how to do Risk Based Testing.
  • Learn how to do Session Based Exploratory Testing.

AI Testing Strategy Workshop
Location: Coronado 2/3 Date: March 31, 2020 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Raj Subrameyer