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Apposite Technologies
Apposite Technologies strives to ensure the world’s cutting-edge applications perform flawlessly. Leading enterprises, government & military organizations, telecoms carriers, and technology vendors around the world use our solutions to precisely test, troubleshoot and optimize performance of their mission-critical applications. Whether it’s the Internet of Things (IOT), 5G mobile, video streaming, or military and defense applications, Apposite products help deliver a world-class user experience.

Netropy network emulators let you quickly, easily, and affordably replicate complex, real-world networks to take the risk out of new technology rollouts, data center consolidations, cloud migrations etc. Within minutes, simulate network characteristics of 5G, Wi-Fi, satellite networks, SD-WAN and more for controlled, repeatable pre-production testing. Introduce impairments such as bandwidth constraints, latency, and packet loss to ensure your applications perform as expected under any network condition.


Testing the Performance of Applications Over Wide Area Networks
APPOSITE - Application Performance White PaperToday’s dispersed workforce requires responsive access to a wide variety of centrally managed applications. IT managers and network administrators therefore need to be able to predict, optimize, and troubleshoot how these applications perform over the wide-area network.

However, because application performance can be highly sensitive to bandwidth, latency, loss, and other WAN impairments, testing on the local network generally fails to identify critical issues that impact the end user experience. [Read More]

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