mabl is the only SaaS provider that allows users to truly test end-to-end user journeys with one simple service, integrating functional and visual testing across web applications, email, and files such as PDFs.

While teams have increased their development velocity through continuous delivery, legacy QA tools have not kept pace, leaving functional UI testing difficult, unreliable, and burdensome. Innovation has powered ahead in the software development and systems operations world but has left QA lacking – until very recently.

mabl makes continuous testing easy and scalable with a script-free test automation framework and cutting-edge cloud services that let users create tests in minutes and test infinitely in parallel. mabl uses proprietary machine learning models to analyze your test data in order to automatically surface visual regressions and increased latency. Robust, cross-browser, continuous testing with mabl is bringing testing joy to a DevOps world, and finally bringing traditional functional UI testing to the modern era. To learn more about mabl visit


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