Usability Testing 101

Users have many choices today for apps and web apps. In virtually every category, there are many alternatives with over 2 million apps in the iPhone & Android market places, with new startups coming online every day. Switching between apps is as easy as pressing down on the icon for a few seconds. Research has […]

The Automation Maturity Heuristic

Is your framework designed for writing automated tests, or for automated testing? We call them automation frameworks but typically they are single purpose software full of assumptions around that purpose, tightly coupled to executing complete end to end test cases. Inspired by the Richardson Maturity Model for REST Api’s, I will share a heuristic model […]

Is it Testable? Asking Your Applications and Engineers Better Questions

Have you ever felt like you were working at cross purposes with an application you were developing and testing? Have you wished that there were easier ways to interact with your application? Do you struggle with the fact that efforts to automate your application under development yield less than satisfactory results? Perhaps you discover that […]

Discussions Testers Should No Longer Be Having

How many times have you heard statements like, “How did we miss this in test”, “This defect doesn’t happen on my machine”, “We do not need automation”, or “We are waiting on testing to give us the green light”? Many years ago, Stephen Covey made the statement “Nothing Fails Like Success”. He spoke on how […]

Cast Iron Automation

We just finished automating “all” of our regression test suite. Or, perhaps, we now have 4731 BDD “test scripts” that we run on each deployment. Hooray! T-shirts for everyone! Then it happens…our product changes, our tool version changes, or our infrastructure changes. Our shiny new toy becomes a tarnished, broken, and unusable pile of shattered […]

Advanced Performance Metrics and Measures

This session will cover the expansive understanding of system performance testing metrics and how they can be used to drive quality initiatives upstream and downstream in the application lifecycle. Too often today we see that performance measurements for processor, network, memory and storage are left out of early testing automation and pass/fail criteria, when it […]

Workshop: Continuous Testing – Embedding Quality in Your DevOps

Decreasing the time to market has become mission-critical for many organizations. This heightened focus on speed has fundamentally changed the way software is designed, developed, released and tested. Not long ago it would have been common to see release testing efforts that took weeks or even months. This is no longer an option for most […]

Qualitative Risk-Based Test Reporting

Traditional quantitative software testing metrics can lie. On software projects where the quality of the software built is high or when we have an infinite amount of time to test, we can survive the distraction of quantitative metrics. However, on project where the quality of the software built is low or there are time pressures, […]