In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

Preventing Burnout with Mindfulness and Productivity Hacks

While working on our daily tasks in agile teams, we quite often have this feeling where we are working on multiple tasks all day long and at the end of day when we review our work, we realize we haven’t accomplished anything concrete. The main reason for this is, our work environments are filled with […]

Qualitative Risk-Based Test Reporting

Traditional quantitative software testing metrics can lie. On software projects where the quality of the software built is high or when we have an infinite amount of time to test, we can survive the distraction of quantitative metrics. However, on project where the quality of the software built is low or there are time pressures, […]

Workshop: Test This! Exploratory Testing in Action with Robots

STP Radio Episode Posted 2/21/20 Listen to “Nancy Kelln on Risk-Based Test Reporting and Robots” Testers understand the value that Exploratory Testing (ET) provides, even if it isn’t a formalized part of the project, testers do some degree of ET. However, I often hear that teams struggle to implement ET. In this hands-on workshop we […]

Workshop: The Big Deal on Modern Test Plans

Test plans have a bad reputation. There’s no beating around the bush. And perhaps they are deserving of a bad reputation. But software development has changed. We are Agile now! Test plans need to change as well. Do we need them at all? Perhaps not. If you do need a test plan, it needs to […]

Workshop: Implementing Efficiencies within your SDLC

Imagine if you could add more time to your delivery schedule, where would you spend it? Although we can’t add more hours to our day, we can find time by discovering inefficiencies in our current SDLC management approach. Many of us feel like there is never enough time to complete everything we wanted in a […]