No Users Left Behind: Accessibility & Inclusive Design in Action

Accessibility makes it possible to have those with various disabilities be able to access information and services. Inclusive Design focuses on making choices so that software and services are usable by as many people as possible. They are distinct but complementary facets of software development and delivery, and they are difficult to add to software after the fact.

Making software Accessible using Inclusive Design principles at the start, or as early as possible, makes it much easier to develop software that can be used by more people and allows the development team to deliver better quality, better user experience, and happier users all the way around. In this talk, I will demonstrate the principles and processes that you can use to help make Inclusive Design a natural part of your development and testing activities.

Session Takeaways:

  • Introduce the ideas and ideals behind Accessibility and Inclusive Design.
  • Highlight the benefits of making it part of a team’s workflow early on in development (seriously, Design Inclusively from line one of code if at all possible).
  • Share examples of how to put Accessibility and Inclusive Design into everyday practice with some before and after comparisons.

Location: Coronado 2/3 Date: April 1, 2020 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Michael Larsen STPCon Michael Larsen