Yellow is the New Green: Rethinking Test Success

“When will the tests be green?” Have you heard that question? I submit that, until we fix all the bugs, they never will be! Project leaders look to the test results to know if we can release. They want to see “Green” on the status board. Green means all tests are passing. Will they ever? Experience tells us very few releases are delivered completely bug free. When designing metrics we need to take care that we do not encourage bad behavior. Pushing for “Green” test results can result in bad behavior: The removal of failing tests or (worse yet) the modification of tests to PASS with known defects in the software, all in an effort to report “Green”. This presentation suggests a new way to manage results, and expectations, so that your tests are true to the quality of the product.


  • Level-set on the challenges of automated tests and “Green” status.
  • Techniques for staying on top of your test results.
  • Alternatives to Red/Green reporting of test results.

Automation Strategy
Location: Salon A Date: April 2, 2020 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Bill Roske STPCon Bill Roske