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The hiker’s mindset of “leave it better than you found it” inspires my approach at work, whether it’s people, processes, or the organization as a whole. I believe that compassion and curiosity are driving forces of quality, and I strive to lead from this perspective. I nerd out on process improvements and have strong feelings about change management. I love my job the most when I take on challenges that allow me to learn and grow, and when I’m supporting people and teams to do their best work. I also care deeply about company culture, and strive to be an advocate and active participant in maintaining a safe and inclusive environment.

I also enjoy loom weaving, pretty clicky-clack keyboards, and reading sci-fi & fantasy books! I’m bad at singing but great at karaoke, and my most-used emoji is 😄 . I was Team Yanny all the way.

Speaker Details:

Angela Riggs – QA Manager, Instrument
Twitter: @AngelaRiggs_
LinkedIn: Angela Riggs
Blog: Articles
Past Events: PNSQC, TestBash San Francisco, Refactr.Tech, CAST, Ministry of Testing Podcast

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