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As a Vice President of Quality Assurance, Greg Sypolt He has spent the majority of this career in quality assurance with an engineering mindset, gaining experience in areas such as tool development, automated testing, and DevOps. In the last five years, he successfully transitioned Gannett from a traditional manual testing strategy by coaching multiple development teams to build quality into every stage of the continuous integration pipeline. Greg creates a culture of software-quality excellence in which every member of the organization shares quality responsibilities. In his free time, Greg is passionate about do-it-yourself projects around the house, and recently single-handedly finished his basement himself. He enjoys spending time geeking out about testing, technology, board games, sports and hanging out with friends and family.

If you’re looking for someone to talk to about quality excellence, reach out to Greg on Twitter (@gregsypolt) or LinkedIn to geek out about testing, technology, or do-it-yourself projects.

Speaker Details:

Greg Sypolt – Vice President of Quality Assurance, EverFi
Twitter: @gregsypolt
LinkedIn: Greg Sypolt
Past Events: STPCon, ReInvent, Selenium, Suace Con

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