TapTalk Podcast: STPCon and Modernizing the Testing Approach

Tap Talk Podcast from TapQA at STPCon

Melissa Tondi and Rick Baucom on STPCon and Modernizing the Testing Approach

Our first 2020 tap|TALK QA Podcast will focus on the upcoming Spring STP Conference in San Diego (spring2020.STPCon.com), one of the best software conferences of the year. We’ll talk with Rick Baucom, organizer of the conference along with Melissa Tondi of E*TRADE, one of the top thought leaders in Quality Engineering and one of the originators of the upcoming STP Mile High Software Testing Conference in Denver. We discuss why conferences are so important for both QA leaders and practitioners and many of the reasons to convince your boss why you should attend. Stay until the end and you’ll receive a discount code (good after 2/14) for savings on attending STPCon!

Around the 23-minute mark, we chat with Melissa about best practices in a Modernizing Your Testing Approach – a great topic for anyone in QA!

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