Call for Speaker Proposals

Call for Speaker Proposals - STPCon Spring 2020

Speak at STPCon

The Software Test Professionals Conference is known as the place where testing professionals come to learn, a testing conference, by testers. STPCon specializes in creating a program that showcases new ideas, proven methods and dynamic presenters who face the same day-to-day challenges as our participants and can share their experiences and knowledge with an engaged audience.

Do you have a story to tell, a methodology to share, or a new technique to pass on to your peers? Submit your proposal to speak today. Our practitioner-led program committee would be interested in reviewing your proposal.

The submission deadline for STPCon Fall 2020 was Friday, February 28th.


  • If you are selected to present a conference SESSION, you are awarded a $150 stipend, 1 night paid at the conference hotel, and a free conference pass to the main conference.
  • If you are selected to present a 3-hour pre-conference WORKSHOP, you are awarded a $500 stipend, 2 nights paid at the conference hotel, and up to $400 in travel reimbursement in addition to a free conference pass including the workshops.
  • KEYNOTE compensation is negotiated separately.

Please Note:

  • Compensation for sponsor speakers may differ from the typical compensation.
  • Hotel room nights are only reimbursed if the speaker stays at the conference hotel.
  • All travel reimbursements must be supported by actual travel receipts equal to or in excess of the reimbursement amount.


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