It’s Always Sunny in Mobile Accessibility

Do you want to be a Golden God of mobile accessibility? First you are going to need your tools. The increased usage of mobile devices by individuals with disabilities makes it critical for teams to understand how to test mobile applications. Currently, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) addresses only a fraction of mobile web […]

Agile, Lean and DevOps: How We Got Here

The quick and profound departure from long-used traditional development to rapid delivery may seem as if it came out of nowhere. But these are actually the natural progressions from Lean practices long used in manufacturing. Lean Software Development (LSD) ideas have taken over development but are still not widely known. Understanding how we got to […]

Workshop: The Mega-Actionable Continuous Testing Workshop

If you’re struggling to understand how to implement continuous testing in your company, then this workshop is for you. In just four hours you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the three pillars to implementing continuous testing and the tools needed to be successful. Most importantly, you’ll get your own action plan customized to […]

Reading Between The Lines: Correcting ATDD Myths and Traps in Automation

Acceptance Test-Driven Development has become an industry buzz word, and that buzz has reached your automation doorstep. With all of the promises of conversational language test cases, increased communication, and productivity, this is paradigm almost seems too good to be true. When your team starts the process of implementing ATDD, there is a healthy amount […]

Workshop: Fun Scripting for Load

Listen to “Transport Level Data Correlation and So Much More with Leandro Melendez” Load testing automation can be complicated. Many foreigners and beginners can be baffled by the challenges that load test automation presents. Others may not even be aware of such challenges. And last, many veterans may not know interesting or fun ways (or […]