At Applitools, we’re on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release mobile and web apps that are visually perfect. We provide the only commercial-grade, visual AI-based test cloud that instantly validates any application’s user interface in a fully automated manner, across all customer engagement points and digital platforms — using […]

Apposite Technologies

Apposite Technologies strives to ensure the world’s cutting-edge applications perform flawlessly. Leading enterprises, government & military organizations, telecoms carriers, and technology vendors around the world use our solutions to precisely test, troubleshoot and optimize performance of their mission-critical applications. Whether it’s the Internet of Things (IOT), 5G mobile, video streaming, or military and defense applications, […]


Broadcom Inc. is a global technology leader that designs, develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Applications for Broadcom’s infrastructure software solutions includes modernizing IT infrastructure, agile software development and testing solutions, application and IT infrastructure performance monitoring and automation solutions, including cybersecurity solutions. Watch this On-Demand Webcast: Shift-Left Continuous Testing for the Enterprise: […]

Checkpoint Technologies, Inc.

Checkpoint Technologies, Inc. provides expert services and best-of-breed software solutions with a focus in Quality Assurance and software testing. We enable organizations to deliver higher-quality applications to market faster. Checkpoint Technologies is Software Quality. Assured. Checkpoint Technologies has unparalleled expertise in Quality Assurance and Software Testing. That is our passion. We specialize in functional, performance, […]


Inflectra is a privately held software company dedicated to making the best software testing, test management and automated testing tools that meet the needs of developers, testers, and planners everywhere. We are the team behind SpiraTest and Rapise and are passionate about our craft.   Our legendary customer support will go the extra mile to help you and your team build your next big […]


mabl is the only SaaS provider that allows users to truly test end-to-end user journeys with one simple service, integrating functional and visual testing across web applications, email, and files such as PDFs. While teams have increased their development velocity through continuous delivery, legacy QA tools have not kept pace, leaving functional UI testing difficult, […]


Unrivaled Quality and Speed When software is relied upon to create more scalable operations, the process to maintain quality can become complex. Magenic helps companies create logical strategies that automate and integrate QA so that businesses can innovate with confidence. Early integration of Magenic’s Quality Assurance and Testing (QAT) services brings clarity and transparency to your […]

The future is here and PinkLion has unleashed the powerful benefits gained by leveraging artificial intelligence with machine learning. Businesses can pull more comprehensive customer feedback/reviews and effectively prioritize their testing efforts accordingly. These solutions help place technology teams in the driver’s seat to recommend impactful changes for both their organizations and customers alike. PinkLion.AI […]


Software Testing Training, Software QA Services, and Outsourcing With proven software testing training and software QA consulting, Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc. (RBCS) helps companies get quality software and hardware products to market on time, with a measurable return on investment. RBCS is a pioneer and leader in quality hardware and software testing services. Through […]

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs provides the world’s most comprehensive and trusted continuous testing cloud for web and mobile applications. Co-founded by Jason Huggins, the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs helps companies deliver apps faster, delight their users and improve developer productivity. Optimized for Continuous integration (CI), Continuous delivery (CD), and DevOps, the Sauce Labs platform is […]