Open Source Testing

Open source has all but taken over the test automation space. Overall this has been a boon to our industry. No longer do we need to depend on ultra-expensive and frankly limited tooling that locks you in to something that may or may not age well. Now we have a plethora of different options and […]

DevOps Dance – ShiftLeft, ShiftRight – Get It Right

As more organizations move towards continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) with DevOps pipelines becoming the norm, where is the right place to do different kinds and levels of testing? In this presentation, I will provide a blueprint for test managers in how to think about shifting left and shifting right while keeping the […]

No Users Left Behind: Accessibility & Inclusive Design in Action

Accessibility makes it possible to have those with various disabilities be able to access information and services. Inclusive Design focuses on making choices so that software and services are usable by as many people as possible. They are distinct but complementary facets of software development and delivery, and they are difficult to add to software […]

Before and After You Say ‘I Do’ to Docker

Docker is the most popular containerized solution being used in the software industry for development. Test automation is no exception to this. Like any other test automation tool, implementation can get complicated, tricky and unmaintainable if all you understand is the “Record and Playback” features of docker or think it is the same as using […]

Example Mapping: The New Three Amigos

Example Mapping is a collaboration technique used by teams to help refine requirements. Every team should have a set of “ready” criteria that includes a workshop between team members to establish a shared understanding between the business and development team. In a time-boxed Example Mapping session, rules will summarize examples or constraints about a user […]

APIs – Security & Performance – How to Avoid Getting in the News!

We all know that Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical in the modern economy. From things as mundane as payment systems to as exciting as self-driving cars, the ability for systems to communicate, exchange information and perform actions autonomously is crucial. However, if you don’t pay attention to the security or performance aspects of APIs, […]

AI, IoT, and Their Exciting Impact on Testing!

This interactive presentation focuses on the exciting evolution of BOTH the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)! It’s obvious how rapidly technology has evolved in the past 30 years. This presentation is focused on the relatively recent paradigm shift and evolvement of the Internet of Things and AI Deep Learning and their impact […]

Workshop: Managing Performance Teams Workshop

As we integrate performance testing and engineering practices into roles across the development lifecycle, there still comes a time when our stakeholders will want a single answer about performance risk and release quality. And in this new landscape as a quality leader, development manager, VP of infrastructure, you will need to know the fundamentals of […]

Workshop: Introduction to UI End-to-End Testing with

Hey you! Want to learn Nodejs (Javascript) and GUI automation? Imagine that your QE team is planning to implement an automation strategy for end-to-end (E2E) tests. Automating the browser can be fun and rewarding – while enjoying the benefits of automated smoke/regression tests. Now, imagine your existing automation framework is failing you. Your QE team […]

Workshop: Visual Validation for Test Automation

Functional test automation is a wonderful way to frequently and expeditiously execute regression testing. However, the test scripts that we write are limited to the few assertions we’ve considered. Many times, these assertions only cover the tip of the iceberg and account for a small fraction of what a human being would have subconsciously verified. […]