Workshop: Test Design for Fully Automated Build Architectures

Imagine: as soon as any developed functionality is submitted into the code repository, it is automatically subjected to the appropriate battery of tests and then released straight into the wild. Setting up the pipeline to do just that is becoming more and more common, but most organizations hit the same stumbling block: just what IS […]

Workshop: The Mega-Actionable Continuous Testing Workshop

If you’re struggling to understand how to implement continuous testing in your company, then this workshop is for you. In just four hours you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the three pillars to implementing continuous testing and the tools needed to be successful. Most importantly, you’ll get your own action plan customized to […]

Workshop: Leading the Next Generation of Software Testing

It has been said “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. The world has experienced many changes over the last few decades, and organizations must respond to this constant change at much greater speed than ever before. Many companies are eliminating the role of the test manager in agile teams and creating flat organizations which combine […]

Workshop: Fun Scripting for Load

Listen to “Transport Level Data Correlation and So Much More with Leandro Melendez” Load testing automation can be complicated. Many foreigners and beginners can be baffled by the challenges that load test automation presents. Others may not even be aware of such challenges. And last, many veterans may not know interesting or fun ways (or […]

Workshop: Managing Performance Teams Workshop

As we integrate performance testing and engineering practices into roles across the development lifecycle, there still comes a time when our stakeholders will want a single answer about performance risk and release quality. And in this new landscape as a quality leader, development manager, VP of infrastructure, you will need to know the fundamentals of […]

Workshop: Introduction to UI End-to-End Testing with

Hey you! Want to learn Nodejs (Javascript) and GUI automation? Imagine that your QE team is planning to implement an automation strategy for end-to-end (E2E) tests. Automating the browser can be fun and rewarding – while enjoying the benefits of automated smoke/regression tests. Now, imagine your existing automation framework is failing you. Your QE team […]

Workshop: JMeter Hands On, Go Above and Beyond!

A well-designed web application is not just how easy it is to use or how elegant it looks, there is an aspect often overlooked into the software design, “Applications Performance”. Performance is an essential part of the user experience for a vast number of users who expect “good performance” from their software application. To improve […]

Workshop: Testing Leadership IQ

Have you ever needed a way to measure your testing leadership IQ? Or been in a performance review where the majority of time was spent discussing your need to improve as a leader? If you have ever wondered what your core leadership competencies are and how to build on and improve them, Jennifer Bonine shares […]

Workshop: Continuous Testing – Embedding Quality in Your DevOps

Decreasing the time to market has become mission-critical for many organizations. This heightened focus on speed has fundamentally changed the way software is designed, developed, released and tested. Not long ago it would have been common to see release testing efforts that took weeks or even months. This is no longer an option for most […]